Anti-Serb Propaganda

Anti-Serb Propaganda In the United States

Mr. Jeffrey T. Kuhner’s Washington Times article entitled “Did Serbia vote for war? New ultranationalist president promotes instability” is a scandalous article. “What on earth is this hateful anti-Serb propaganda masquerading as “opinion” is doing in an American newspaper?” wrote a commenter. I’m still wondering why. Typical anti-Serb propaganda full of lies! Anti-Serb propaganda in the United States never stops. Hopefully, Nebojša Malić posted on his blog (Gray falcon), a thoughtful and well-researched response to a not very well-researched, anti-Serb, and rather sensationalist piece. So, go to read Nebojša Malić ’s article “Wherefore the Distortions?”. The truth is there. P.S. Thanks Nebojša. Great job.

An April 2012 guide to Serbian Politics by Nebojsa Malic

In less than two weeks, Serbia will head to the polls to elect a president and a parliament. If you don’t know anything about Serbian political scene, it’s worth reading Nebojsa Malic’s blog post over at Gray Falcon. It’s well written, and funny (Liked+ the therm he used for Čedomir Jovanović “Lunatic fringe”). Read An April 2012 guide to Serbian Politics by Nebojsa Malic.