A Day In Niš, One Of Europe’s Oldest Historical Cities

Niš Serbia

Samuel Garza, an American travel photographer living in Spain, visted at the beginning of this month Niš, the largest city of southern Serbia, and one of the oldest cities in Europe. He spent only one day in Niš, but he had a great time there dicovering historical treasures. He wrote:

My time in Nis was short, but I had a fun-filled day. The city is filled with history. Constantine was born in Nis and I really wish would have had more time to research his presence in the city. However, I am very happy with the time I had and what I experienced..

Click on the photo below to read Samuel Garza’s blog post titled “A Nice Visit To Nis” in full and to see his fantastic pictures of Niš- one of Europe’s oldest historical cities.

A Day In Niš, One Of Europe's Oldest Historical Cities

Yes, it is worth visiting Niš, a beautiful city filled with history and culture!

Americans: The Serbs Are Incredibly Friendly And Hospitable

Americans: The Serbs Are Incredibly Friendly And Hospitable

Americans: The Serbs Are Incredibly Friendly And Hospitable


Theron Labounty, an American man from Colorado, and Sarah were recently in vaccation in Serbia. They went to Tara National Park and also visited the cities of Novi Sad and Niš. They discoverd what Serbian people really are, friendly, and liked their trip to Serbia. Here is a short excerpt of their blog post titled Adventures in Serbia:

The Serbs are incredibly friendly and hospitable… While we were in Serbia, we visited the cities of Novi Sad and Niš. Novi Sad has a great vibe in its beautiful town center with countless outdoor cafes. They also have a beautiful park along the Danube. Niš has some incredible historical sites. There are 4th century Roman ruins with mosaics comparable to those in Rome. There is a tower built of the skulls of Serbian soldiers by the Turks to celebrate a victory in 1809. Many of the skulls disappeared when family members recognized their fathers, brothers, and sons.

Serbia my beautiful country
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Sunny, And Warm. It’s Time To Visit Serbia

Sunny, and warm… It’s spring here in Serbia. 27°C (80.6 degrees Fahrenheit) today. Ah, after a busy week, I’m finally swimming home!

Well, take a look at at the temperature forecast through the week in Belgrade.

It’s spring here in Belgrade, and all over the country (Negotin 27°C, Niš 28°C, Novi Sad 29°C, Kragujevac 29°C, Priština 27°C, today). Hey, tourists from all over the world, it’s time to visit Serbia!

Welcome to Niš! Two thousand years in a day!

A young Australian woman traveling solo for one year around the world, was recently in Serbia. Her first stop in Serbia was Niš, the largest city of southern Serbia and third-largest city in Serbia (after Belgrade and Novi Sad). She wrote an interesting blog post about the city of Niš. Here’s a short excerpt, but it’s worth reading/watching – photos are great – her post entitled “Two thousand years in a day? Welcome to Niš!” in full:

Niš is a fairly small city, and has relatively few sites to attract tourists – those that it has I visited in the space of about four or five hours. That said, what it does have to offer spreads over almost two thousand years, from the early centuries of the current era up to the Second World War, indicating that Niš and its surroundings have been inhabited for a pretty long time. It’s definitely worth a day.


Niš – A Wonderful Serbian City

An anonymous traveler called fizzytom put up an interesting article over at Bukisa talking about his travel experience in Serbia. He spent a few days in the city of Niš, and just fell in love with the city. Here’s a short excerpt, but it’s worth reading the whole story entitled Niš – A Wonderful First Step Into Serbia:

I was really pleased with my first taste of Serbia; Niš is fun, laid back and, in spite of looking somewhat forbidding at first, colourful and characterful. I found most people friendly and helpful and in spite of obvious hardship, people seem to be making the best of things. I would recommend Niš as an excellent stop off between Istanbul or Sofia and Belgrade for backpackers, and as an interesting two night trip from Belgrade if you have time.

And check out this Youtube video of the city of Niš…

Looking For Interesting Places To Visit In Serbia?

There’s a well worth reading post over at My Travel Guide Posts talking about interesting places to visit in Serbia. Here is a short excerpt:

Home to mountain ranges and plains, as well as many national parks, the Republic of Serbia truly boasts an amazing geographical landscape which makes the country such an outdoors enthusiast magnet.

Serbia is definitely one of the top 10 eastern European destinations to visit as it boasts Turkish and Roman influences which give the country such a unique and historic flavour. These influences translate today in delicious cuisine, amazing architecture and interesting attractions

Again, it’s well worth reading the whole post as it covers a bunch of interesting places to visit in Serbia, including not only the capital city of Belgrade, but also some other, lesser known cities, towns and destinations in Serbia – Novi Sad, Niš, and Davolja Varoš (“Devil’s Town”) a peculiar rock formation, located in south Serbia near Kuršumlija.