Niš – A Wonderful Serbian City

An anonymous traveler called fizzytom put up an interesting article over at Bukisa talking about his travel experience in Serbia. He spent a few days in the city of Niš, and just fell in love with the city. Here’s a short excerpt, but it’s worth reading the whole story entitled Niš – A Wonderful First Step Into Serbia:

I was really pleased with my first taste of Serbia; Niš is fun, laid back and, in spite of looking somewhat forbidding at first, colourful and characterful. I found most people friendly and helpful and in spite of obvious hardship, people seem to be making the best of things. I would recommend Niš as an excellent stop off between Istanbul or Sofia and Belgrade for backpackers, and as an interesting two night trip from Belgrade if you have time.

And check out this Youtube video of the city of Niš…