I’m A Serb, And I’m Proud To Be A Serb

Proud to be a Serb am I. I’m not a french, I’m not a foreigner living in Belgrade. I’m a Serb. And I will live in Serbia forever. Serbia is my country. Belgrade my hometown, and I’ll die here in Serbia. I’m a Serb. Okay, here’s my first video. It’s not a really good one, but yes, I’m a Serb:

A Trip Back To Serbia – Proud To Be Serb

This past June, Radmila Milinkov a Canadian of Yugoslav/Serbian origin, and her husband traveled to Serbia. The last time Radmila had visited, it was still Yugoslavia. She was considerably apprehensive of traveling to Serbia for two reasons – They’re an interracial couple, and she was afraid that the changes would break her heart. And, in the end, she was pleasantly surprised with her visit to Serbia, and her husband fell in love with Serbia and Serbian people. It’s well worth reading Radmila’s blog post in full, but here’s a short excerpt:

The Mister was pleasantly surprised that almost everyone we met spoke some English, and so much of TV was in English with Serbian subtitles, that he didn’t feel the isolation he experienced when we were in Spain a few years ago.

Because we’re an interracial couple, we were concerned that he might be uncomfortable, but the warmth and friendliness of the people soon put our concerns to rest. Everyone we met went out of their way to be kind and ask after how we were enjoying our stay, specifically how he liked Serbia. My Mister fell in love with Serbia and its’ people. We did not have one negative interaction.

My Mister received many sincere smiles and waves from strangers. The warmth of the people made this the best vacation we’ve spent over our 20 years together.

As a born Serb, it made me proud.