Serbian Women The Hottest Women No! Yes! put up yesterday a “Top 10 Countries with the Hottest Women.” Surprisingly, Serbian women are not in the “top 10″ hottest women . How on earth could omit Serbian women when rating the hottest women in the world. If you ask me the guy who wrote this article has obviously not travelled that much, and has not yet travelled to Serbia. It’s no secret that Serbian women are the hottest and sexiest women in the world. Well, don’t take it from me, take it from Aleksandar Milin who run a great gallery of “average” Serbian girls and Serbian women on the internet. And take it from a Greek guy who uploaded to Webshots a fantastic gallery of Serbian girls and Serbian women having fun in clubs in Belgrade:

Serbian Clubs-Belgrade-Devojke u Beogradu!

Serbian Women: Beautiful Inside and Outside

Jelena Radonjic commented today on a video about Serbian women I posted here in September saying: “Why not show some naturally beautiful girls and women, beautiful on the inside as well as outside? There are many in Serbia…” I agree with her. There are many beautiful girls and women in Serbia, beautiful both on the inside and on the outside. One of them is Lara D. a 22-years old economics student living in Belgrade. Her blog talking about beauty, style, life, photography is fantastic, and she is a truly beautiful Serbian woman. Click on Lana’s photo below to read/watch her blog.

Lara D. Belgrade

Serbian girls - Legs

Girls… Oh, Serbian Girls!

Okay, I don’t have much of a comment on this one either way, other than that I found it to be quite an amusing blog post, and thought some of you might appreciate it as well — for the humor factor. An Englishman living Portugal is currently in Serbia. He put a short (yes short) blog post about his experience here, and it’s all about Serbian girls, and legs (yes legs). Well, sorta:

I’m in Serbia. It is exactly like what you think its like. Except, the girls. I have never seen so many legs in my life. I am here for work. Just so that’s clear. But by God, the legs the legs. I have no leg pictures so you’ll need to make do with these.

He has no pictures, but we found on Youtube a video. Girls… Oh, Serbian girls!

Serbian Men – Hot Or Not?

While many people agree that Serbian girls are beautiful, not many people write about the beauty of Serbian men. That’s why it’s always great to find the rare examples of a girl that seem to just recognize that Serbian men are equally gorgeous as Serbian girls. Maya Grsic has a long story about how she had a great time at the Belgrade Beer Fest 2010 because of lovely, young beautiful Serbian men all around. The whole article is worth reading, but here’s a short snippet.

Now, at this point I have to mention that I did not expect anything of the festival – I was only there because of my friends, the beer and the music. Boys-watching was not even the last item on my agenda – the idea that I might see a handsome male did not even cross my mind. But, the best things in life are unplanned and come spontaneously. So, after 20 minutes, I realized something was strange – the beer and the music were not on the top on my “pleasure list” any more. I observed, as did some other girls, single and with boyfriends, that there is abundance of young, good-looking guys around. As one of my friends pointed out:” Despite the crowd, I find it difficult to watch where I’m going, there’s too much distraction!”. Passing next to a girl, I head her saying:” Oh, Jesus, I wish I was single!”. And they were totally right. Everywhere around, left, right, behind, in front there were simple, causally-dressed, relaxed, smiling men, drinking beer and obviously doing the same things as us – checking out girls. I am sure that they were also very pleasantly surprised –although beer-drinking is not considered lady-like in Belgrade, there was a lot of cute and enthusiastic girls, too.

Check out the video below and judge by yourself.

Serbian Girls And Men Are Beautiful And Tall

We recently wrote about Mark Hamilton, a journalist, finding Serbian women beautiful. However, many tourists are unaware that Serbian women and men are also tall. A few years ago, an American of Serbian origin responded to the question Are Serbs the tallest nation on earth? “Some years back, I decided to attend a service at the local Serbian Orthodox Church. Person after person over 6′ tall entered the church – including the women. I had never seen such a crowd of tall people gathered in my life. Eventually there was a shorter couple which was more around my height. After the service, I talked to some of the members including the shorter couple. The short couple turned out to be Greeks who attended the Serbian Church.”

Here’s a funny little story illustrating the fact that Serbian men and women are tall. However, many tourists seem unaware that Serbian men and girls are beautiful, but also among the tallest in the world. The latest example comes from Tony Bailie. He works as a journalist in Belfast for The Irish News. He is travelling with his wife and they both had a great time in Serbia, June 15-19. They visited Novi Sad “Novi Sad has been a real surprise, juxtaposing, communist-era architecture with modern structures and a quint historic, pedestrianised centre.” and Belgrade “Belgrade does have its charms.” Visiting the Capital of Serbia, Tony Bailie has been struck by how tall Serbian women and men are. “I’ve been struck by how tall everyone is – men and women. I’m used to looking over the heads of most people around me as I walk about the place, but here my heights seems to be fairly average with quite a few topping me by several inches.”

Serbian Women And Serbian Men Are Beautiful

Mark Hamilton, a well-known journalist (now a journalism instructor at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Richmond, British Columbia), put up the first blog post this week in a series of short photo-and-word essays that arise from four weeks of travel through the Balkans.

In his first essay, Hamilton is talking about Serbian girls. “There are many strikingly attractive women in Belgrade. They work hard at it, according to Katharina, my informant on Serbian matters. They have to, because there are three (or four or five) women for every man here. Looking good is competitive.” Then he went on to say that there are also many beautiful older women in Serbia. It’s not just the young women in their tight jeans and stiletto heels, though. Genetics are at play: there are also many beautiful older Serbian women on the streets and in the cafes of Belgrade.” As we’ve pointed out repeatedly, Serbian girls are beautiful. Now, some may say that “Serbian Girls” are not the most beautiful girls in the world. The best thing to do is to judge by yourself.

Then Hamilton went on to talk about Serbian men. “I have no comment on the beauty of the men. The young ones, of which there are many, are still in the process of being formed. As for the older men, I was distracted by the women with them. When it comes to the men of Serbia, you’ll have to go look for yourself.” Well, there is an excellent site out of there called Balkan males where you can see many Serbian men.

Check out a video right here:
HOT looking GIRLS in Belgrade

Hot or not?

Things I love about Belgrade: Belgrade’s girls?

Many people wrote about Belgrade, the beautiful girl from Belgrade, the parties and clubs, pirate movies, etc. Well, here’s a fun one. Over the weekend, Dimitar Vuksanov had an interesting post about Belgrade: Things I love about Belgrade – Things I don’t like about Belgrade. Vuksanov apparently complained about how awful it is that “girls with so much make up” are “dressed like they’re going to an Oscar ceremony at 7 a.m. in the morning”. Only in the world of someone who doesn’t understand Serbian girls would that person lament the fact that the girls are not ugly in the morning. Imagine a man walking in Knez Mihailova street in the morning and the first thing he sees is an ugly girl, with inflatable lips and eyeballs to shame a frog and you expect the man’s day at work to be pleasant? It appears Vuksanov doesn’t understand Belgrade’s girl at all. Serbian girls want to be beautiful all day long, and of course in the morning. Well, that said, if you would like to see by yourself some Serbian girls, you should visit Milan Zonic’s gallery.

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