Why You Should Visit Serbia?

Why You Should Visit Serbia

Jan Klavora put up a short but intersting article over at Slovenian ‘Kongres magazine’ talking about Serbia. Good job Jan. Yes, this is Serbia: A unique country, full of warm hospitality and undiscovered paths. This land of surprising contrasts can boast the natural beauty of valleys and mountains, rivers and…

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But I instantly feel the warmth and kindness of th…

But I instantly feel the warmth and kindness of the (Serbian) people living here. I ask a university student for help and he accompanies me all the way to a guesthouse half a kilometre away! Later that evening, the fruit vendor, who sells me a small water melon and a kilogram of tomatoes for just seventy Euro cents keeps on shaking and shaking my hand. He is thrilled I am Maltese.

Serbian Hospitality And Rakija

Already amazed by the hospitality of people all across Europe, Serbia yet outgunned the idea we had of hospitality and helpfulness. A few minutes after checking in at our hostel in Belgrade, a round of homemade Rakija stood in front of us. “It’s on the house!”, the hostel owner welcomes…

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Gulivers.com Explains Why You Should Visit Serbia

Gulivers.com, a website providing vacation rentals directly from owners and managers, has a fascinating article about Serbia titled ‘Serbia – a sway of charm and hospitality.’ It notes that Serbian people are very warm towards foreigners. It also points out that Serbia has a lot to offer to foreign visitors, from numerous nature areas including rivers, lakes and national parks to the vibrant capital of Serbia, Belgrade. Here’s a short excerpt, but it’s worth reading the whole thing:

The purity and naturalness of Serbia is what makes this corner of Europe so outstanding and unique. This is where you can meet hospitable and kind people, taste wonderful cuisine, marvel at the majesty of the mountains and explore vast forests… It is a charming country and an attractive place to visit since it has preserved its originality and genuineness.