Why You Should Visit Serbia?

Why You Should Visit Serbia

Jan Klavora put up a short but intersting article over at Slovenian ‘Kongres magazine’ talking about Serbia. Good job Jan. Yes, this is Serbia: A unique country, full of warm hospitality and undiscovered paths. This land of surprising contrasts can boast the natural beauty of valleys and mountains, rivers and…

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But I instantly feel the warmth and kindness of th…

But I instantly feel the warmth and kindness of the (Serbian) people living here. I ask a university student for help and he accompanies me all the way to a guesthouse half a kilometre away! Later that evening, the fruit vendor, who sells me a small water melon and a kilogram of tomatoes for just seventy Euro cents keeps on shaking and shaking my hand. He is thrilled I am Maltese.

Serbian Hospitality And Rakija

Already amazed by the hospitality of people all across Europe, Serbia yet outgunned the idea we had of hospitality and helpfulness. A few minutes after checking in at our hostel in Belgrade, a round of homemade Rakija stood in front of us. “It’s on the house!”, the hostel owner welcomes…

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