There is so much to love about Serbia

There Is So Much To Love About Serbia

There is so much to love about Serbia

Megan, a Tasmanian-born journalist, has visited 20 countries in the last two years. She spent recently three weeks in Serbia, and liked it. Serbia was a highlight of her travels. Here is a short excerpt of her blog post talking about Serbia:

Serbia hadn’t not crossed my mind as a country to visit on its own. It was always going to be a “while I’m in that kinda area I’ll visit…..” I didn’t know much about it so my time there was eye opening in many ways.

There is so much to love about Serbia. The people are among the friendliest I have come across. So genuine, welcoming and kind. I love their sense of humour, which is often compared to the larrikin nature Australians are famous for. As a relatively poor country (the average monthly wage is about €300), travelling in Serbia is incredibly cheap for me and I enjoyed not having to think about my budget as much as I might in other places. I loved that there was so much I didn’t know and therefore so much to discover.

I spent three weeks in Serbia. Not a long time in the scheme of things, but more than most travellers spare – that’s if they come here at all. This wonderful Balkan heartland was a highlight of my travels, during which I’ve visited 20 countries in the last two years.

Why You Should Move (back) To Serbia
Visiting Serbia changed my life

One Month In Serbia Changed My Life

Visiting Serbia changed my life

Ferrero, a 20-year-old man from Singapore, who spent recently one month in Serbia, wrote a beautiful blog post explaining why his trip to Serbia was more than a “great experience” and that being with Serbian people changed his life. Here’s a short excerpt, but it’s worth reading the whole thing:

The essence of a place, however, can only be truly felt by interacting with as many locals as possible. I was blessed with a number of such opportunities. The Serbian youths who hosted us as volunteers – a few of them whom I later became very good friends with – brought life and a positive energy to the city. Without their hospitality and continuous efforts to spend time with us despite their busy schedules, I would never have understood what people meant when they said they loved Serbia.

At the end of his blog post Ferrero said “To those who have been and experienced, Srbija is no longer a foreign word with a strange pronunciation. It is, after all, Serbia.” That’s it.

Why I love Serbia
Scared -Scared - Scared

Serbia ‘The Evil State Of The World’ Say It Again!

Scared -Scared - Scared

Jamie, a young British man, left in 2012 everything behind and embarked upon ‘a pointless journey’ hitchhiking through Europe. He was recently in Serbia. Stuck on the Romanian / Serbian border late at night, a small Serbian trucker saved him from freezing, and drove him into an abandoned car park. There, When a couple of guys and dark car turned up after a phone call by the Serbian driver, he thought he’d be a hero fighting Serbs from the “the evil state of the world.” Nothing happened, and he arrived in Belgrade without a problem:

Dare I say that it was almost a disappointment? We hope for excitement in life and mine was fairly full of it throughout this journey but promises had not been fulfilled. I had been told repeatedly that I would end up mugged, attacked, or in some other form, physically mistreated by hitchhiking through Europe. Especially when hitchhiking late at night. People had lied to me about the evil state of the world. I was starting to believe that in fact, people are wonderful and so too is the world.

That’s it Jamie. Serbian people are wonderful, and people had lied to you… Serbia is not “the evil state of the world.”

Oh Look, This Is Serbia, Ovo Je Srbija

Oh Look, This Is Serbia, Ovo Je Srbija

Nikos Dimou is Greek. This summer he visited Serbia, and it was one of the best summer holidays of his life! “The country (Serbia) is great, the food delicious but on top of everything else is the people! They can show you that happiness doesn’t need money, doesn’t need luxury.” he said. Well said, and that’s true.

“I want to dedicate this video firstly to people who first showed me what Serbia really is and to everyone that I met there.” he said. Yes, he made a video. It’s a fantastic video showing Belgrade and the Guča trumpet festival, an annual brass band festival held in the town of Guča. Again, it’s a fantastic video. Ovo je Srbija, this is Serbia:

A serbian village

A Serbian Village…

I’m glad I found this poignant and melancholic eighteen minute film made by Goran Stanković. In a Serbian village on the slopes of Stara Planina (eastern Serbia) live 15 households. The youngest man in the village is 70 years old.

Goran Stankovic’s film gathers the intimate thoughts of the inhabitants of this Serbian village, “whose wait for death is marked not by loneliness but by a common bond. The reduced nature of their daily life speaks not of poverty but of a spiritual wealth. Though without heirs or much of a future, they are not crushed by their solitude, but thankful for the life given to them.” It’s a heartbreaking Serbian film:

A black American in Serbia Serbia and Serbian people are amazing
Black beach seller speaking Serbian 1
Serbian people are very hospitable - Tibor Maricel

Serbian People Are Very Hospitable

The wife of Tibor Maricel, a Serb living in Melbourne, Australia, put up an interesting blog post after living in Serbia for 3 months. “People here are very hospitable and they won’t expect anything from you. They are willing to extend and give what they have just to make you feel at home.” She said. Well, read the whole story: Serbia: Bringing the Good Memories Back from my Second Home.