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Serbian Women Are The Best

Yes, Serbian girls and boys are beautiful

An American legal researcher living in Berlin and ranting about vegan recipes and migration politics is currently in Serbia. It looks like she likes Belgrade, and notices beautiful Serbian girls and handsome Serbian boys:

Greetings from sunny Serbia! Here in Belgrade, the weather has turned to Spring literally overnight, and the streets are filled with beautiful girls in bright dresses and handsome boys in crisp white shirts and new haircuts. I must say, the Serbs I have encountered in Belgrade are terribly good looking in a sporty sort of way, totally unlike the lanky hipster paperdolls in Berlin (who are also, actually, pretty bloody attractive in their own way). I guess what I’m saying is, if you are single and looking for a hot tennis player with a country house, try Belgrade, and try Berlin for all of your hot starving artist needs.

Serbian Women… The Best…

Jovan wrote a comment on my post talking about the beauty of Serbian women. Okay, I don’t have much of a comment on this one either way, other than that I found it to be quite an interesting comment, and thought some of you might appreciate it as well. Serbian women, you’re the best:

I am from Vojvodina and moved to California before the war and now I have and urge and impulse to go back. The women are not only amazing beauties but they are strong and proud. They make wonderful mothers and wifes, They have integrity and are not afraid to put you in your place if need be. My only desire in life is to get back and marry a Serbian woman, I love you all! :)

Serbian Women The Hottest Women No! Yes!

Expatify.com put up yesterday a “Top 10 Countries with the Hottest Women.” Surprisingly, Serbian women are not in the “top 10″ hottest women . How on earth could Expatify.com omit Serbian women when rating the hottest women in the world. If you ask me the guy who wrote this article has obviously not travelled that much, and has not yet travelled to Serbia. It’s no secret that Serbian women are the hottest and sexiest women in the world. Well, don’t take it from me, take it from Aleksandar Milin who run a great gallery of “average” Serbian girls and Serbian women on the internet. And take it from a Greek guy who uploaded to Webshots a fantastic gallery of Serbian girls and Serbian women having fun in clubs in Belgrade:

Serbian Clubs-Belgrade-Devojke u Beogradu!

Serbian Women: Beautiful Inside and Outside

Jelena Radonjic commented today on a video about Serbian women I posted here in September saying: “Why not show some naturally beautiful girls and women, beautiful on the inside as well as outside? There are many in Serbia…” I agree with her. There are many beautiful girls and women in Serbia, beautiful both on the inside and on the outside. One of them is Lara D. a 22-years old economics student living in Belgrade. Her blog talking about beauty, style, life, photography is fantastic, and she is a truly beautiful Serbian woman. Click on Lana’s photo below to read/watch her blog.

Lara D. Belgrade

Serbian women...
Serbian girls - Legs

Girls… Oh, Serbian Girls!

Okay, I don’t have much of a comment on this one either way, other than that I found it to be quite an amusing blog post, and thought some of you might appreciate it as well — for the humor factor. An Englishman living Portugal is currently in Serbia. He put a short (yes short) blog post about his experience here, and it’s all about Serbian girls, and legs (yes legs). Well, sorta:

I’m in Serbia. It is exactly like what you think its like. Except, the girls. I have never seen so many legs in my life. I am here for work. Just so that’s clear. But by God, the legs the legs. I have no leg pictures so you’ll need to make do with these.

He has no pictures, but we found on Youtube a video. Girls… Oh, Serbian girls!

Serbian women