Serbian Women… With Long Legs

Back in 2007, there was a fascinating article in the Sydney Morning Herald by Aussie chick, Maggie Alderson, talking about the beauty of Serbian women… with long legs. Here’s a short excerpt, but it’s worth reading the whole thing:

Now I am really not exaggerating here when I say that every single girl I saw at that lake had a perfect figure. Not just slim, or model skinny, but ideally proportioned, with long legs, a real waist going into curvy hips and a round bottom, proper bosoms, and that perfectly flat stomach. Completely, utterly flat, like an ice-skating rink. They’ve all got deep-golden skin, too.

I don’t know what they put in the water there, but they really are the most beautiful women I have ever seen. And they seem to live on meat and white bread, so work that out.

The whole thing was like some kind of genetic experiment. It was clearly just the national body shape.

Yes, Serbian women are beautiful, and all seem to have endlessly long legs. Judge for yourself. Check out Luka Pilipovic’s photo of Belgrade Long legs competition (Belgrade arena, December 17, 2010). Oops! You can also see more photos here (preselection).

Update. And now there is a Youtube video:

Serbian Women – The Sexiest Women In The World?

Dr. Ichak Adizes, one of the world’s leading experts on organizational performance and change, put up a blog post over at the, talking about Serbian culture, and, of course, talking about Serbian women. He notes that Serbian women have gorgeous sculptured bodies, but he can’t explain why…

I noticed that women have incredible bodies, and it is not from exercising. I did not see many advertisements for gyms (none, actually). It is not from eating fewer calories. Restaurants serve the biggest portions in the world and I have eaten in fifty-three countries. Alcohol is always served, and a meal without bread is unheard of.

Why does everyone have gorgeous sculptured bodies? Is it hereditary? Maybe it is because there is no custom of fast food, and no additives are added to the food. Maybe because the food is organic?

I agree with him, it’s a mysterious thing, but I’m quite sure Serbian women are the sexiest women in the world.

Beautiful Women, Good Food… Welcome To Belgrade

Back in October, we had mentioned that Australian band the Kill Devil Hills had loved Belgrade. Between the two Belgrade shows, Frontman Brendon Humphries, and guitarist Steve Joines gave an interview (in Serbian) to B92 journalist Katarina Stankovic. Thanks to Spaces Carab, you can now read the interview in English. Here are their impressions of Belgrade.

It was hard for you to imagine that you’ll end up playing in the Balkans. Now you’re here, what are your impressions of Belgrade?

Steve: We love it. Honestly, this is my favorite city of all that we’ve been to. Hands down.

Brendon: It’s actually hard to explain why, but we feel really comfortable here. I think that we haven’t had any expectations – I read about it a bit through years, and have friends that are from here, but I couldn’t make any guesses

Steve: Maybe it’s because it’s not so touristy, like other big cities. Good food too, and the women… Belgrade is number 1 place we’ve been to for beautiful women. And the rain is nice, cause we don’t get a lot of it at home.

Good food, beautiful women, favorite city, and the rain is nice… What else?

Paul Wilson (USA): Serbia Is Awesome, I Might Not Come Home

Paul Wilson, a young American traveling in Europe, is currently in Serbia. It looks like he now knows what an awesome country Serbia is. He discovers the beauty of Serbian women, Serbian food, and more. And, oh yes, he might not come home

In Serbia, there is a reverence for Family and the Elderly. On Public Transport, the Young never hesitate to give up there seat for the Old. Sundays the streets are barren due to everyone spending time with family. The Enthusiasm reminds me of what a Post-WWII America must have been like.

In Summary, the Women are Stunning, the Food is Hearty and the Beer is Plentiful. I might not come home.

Australian Band The Kill Devil Hills: Belgrade Has The Hottest Women & Delicious Food

The Kill Devil Hills is a West Australian 5-piece rock band formed in 2003. Having toured Australia extensively the band has also recently started a new venture in Europe – Germany, France, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy… and Serbia. The band went on to say that Belgrade has the hottest women, and delicious food:

5 nights in Belgrade (2 shows in the city, 2 in some towns about 100kms away) was something of a relief in that we could finally stop moving for a bit. We also quickly established that Belgrade also is home to probably (collectively) the hottest women in any city we’d been to at this point (Berlin and Paris now hold 2nd and 3rd spots, respectively), which certainly doesn’t hurt, only kind of…

We also had the pleasure of some incredibly scrumptious Serbian restaurants, dining with Aleks and his girlfriend, Milica… We were embarrassed to be totally unable to consume even half the massive array of entrees in one place, and they’re not generally that fat, a mystery… Aleks suggests the rakija is at the heart of the dietary regime.

Not Surprising, Gerard Butler Loves Serbian Women

Dezmond over at let us know that Gerard Butler loves Serbian women:

Now this was bound to happen sooner or later. After all the wild nights spent partying in popular Belgrade clubs, Gerard Butler, who is currently filming Ralph Fiennes’ movie „Coriolanus“, has been finally caught red handed. Serbian paparazzi have caught him kissing a blond beauty last evening in Belgrade.

Not really surprising. Serbian women are known for their beauty. It seems that no man (including Gerard Butler) can resist Serbian beautiful women.

Serbian women...

The Beauty Of Serbian Women

I really want to stop writing stories about people making statements about the beauty of Serbian women, but the latest is too good not to share. Last month, we wrote about an Indian guy who spent a week working in Serbia saying that Serbian women are the most beautiful on earth. Back in India, he’s still amazed with the beauty of Serbian women, and goes on to write another blog post about Serbian women. In fact, it’s an email that he has sent to his colleagues a few days after landing at Belgrade. The email is so good that I ended up including the whole thing, because it’s too good not to read — but check out Indiandream’s site directly.

Sub : Something you did not know about Belgrade – more beauty per square metre.
Sent : 12 October 2009 17:16PM
To : The_Office_Gang

It is not even a week since I landed at Belgrade, but it did not take me more than an hour on the streets of Belgrade to realise that there is something very special about this place. On the first day, I am walking to work & 99.9% women seen on the street are hot facially, have great eyes, nice complexion & a figure that would give any movie actress (Bollywood, Hollywood whatever) a complex.

Even middle-aged women have an hour-glass figure. By looking at a woman from behind, you would not be able to tell if she is 20 years old or 50. Initially I thought it must be just a coincidence. But when each and every woman/girl on the street looks like a model and the paved streets resemble a catwalk, the coincidence-theory flies out of the window.

When you add to this the fact that the “national dress” of Serbian-women is sleeve-less, low-neck T-shirt and jean/mini-skirt, it becomes tough to negotiate your way on the streets without banging into some pillar or the other. Actually T-shirt is a misnomer. It is more like a man’s vest (banian), just that it is colorful and is loooooow neck. After a week here, cleavage has lost any charm that it had.

One of the first things (actually the 1st thing) my colleague who reached here a week ahead of me, told me when I reached Belgrade was “Man, the girls here are hot”. Having seen some hot women in Belgium/Holland/France, I dismissed it off as being because it is his first visit to Europe. Only to realise that I was so wrong.

The second thing he said (with quite a tinge of sadness) was “They do not even give you a look.” That was also so true. You pass by all these attractive women and not even one even acknowledges your existence. Being the curious type, I decided to get to the root of this. After all, how is it possible that all the women of a country can be so attractive ?

A google search for “Serbian girls” led me to a few blogs, which confirmed that indeed this was something any visitor to Serbia has experienced. Some attribute it to genetics, some to the women taking great care in maintaining themselves etc. But what everyone finally agrees on is that Serbia is one place on earth where you find more beauty per square metre. I think Serbia should trademark this tagline.

And, it is not just men who have experienced this, there are blogs writtten by women who felt severe inferiority complex on seeing the female beauty in Serbia. The blogs also confirmed that the women here are aware that they are awesome and which is the reason why they do not acknowledge stares from the drooling men. If at all you think you would like to have a chance with these ladies, be prepared to have deep pockets and a high-end car (a Merc S-class or a M-class should do).

Bottomline : If you are able to get to Serbia on work (like me), well and good. If not, beg/borrow/steal to have a vacation here. Only thing to remember is that you should not bring your wife/gf – not a good idea.