Albanian hackers tried again today to put an Alban…

Karl Odbur

Albanian hackers tried again today to put an Albanian flag on my website, so my website was down for a long time. It’s fine now. Sorry for the inconvenience. That said, try again my Albanian friends! You can try again, and again to hack Serbia’s Ambassador to the World’s website, but you will not succeed. You can’t stop the truth about Serbia and Serbs to the World to be known!

800 Posts!!!

My wordpress dashboard let me know, rigth now, that I’ve 800 posts and received 5168 comments here on Serbia’s Ambassador to the World. 801 posts now, great! I’m really a crazy Serb! Thank you to all our wonderful readers for sharing this time with us!… Well, I’ll countinue to bring…

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I’m A Serb, And I’m Proud To Be A Serb

Proud to be a Serb am I. I’m not a french, I’m not a foreigner living in Belgrade. I’m a Serb. And I will live in Serbia forever. Serbia is my country. Belgrade my hometown, and I’ll die here in Serbia. I’m a Serb. Okay, here’s my first video. It’s not a really good one, but yes, I’m a Serb: