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Albanian hackers tried again today to put an Alban…

Albanian hackers tried again today to put an Albanian flag on my website, so my website was down for a long time. It’s fine now. Sorry for the inconvenience. That said, try again my Albanian friends! You can try again, and again to hack Serbia’s Ambassador to the World’s website, but you will not succeed. You can’t stop the truth about Serbia and Serbs to the World to be known!

Serbia - Srbija - Serbia's Ambassador to the World

1000 Blog Posts On {Serbia’s Ambassador to the World}

Serbia - Srbija - Serbia's Ambassador to the World

While playing around my WordPress dashboard yesterday, I was stunned when I noticed that I have published 1000 blog posts so far to my blog. I can hardly believe it, but yes, today’s post marks #1,000 since I launched this blog way back in December 2008.

When I first started this blog, I was so wrapped up in checking the numbers that everyone says matters – new subscribers, new social shares, unsubscribers, comment count, etc. I could never have anticipated how consistently Serbia’s Ambassador to the World would grow in popularity. My blog, telling the truth about Serbia, now is one of the most popular blog in the world and it is still in its infancy. Serbia’s Ambassador to the World is attracting attention throughout the world, which is great news for Serbia! Every Serb and every friend of Serbia will benefit from this.

I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate 1,000 blog posts by honoring some people who encouraged me, donated and supported me from the very beginning: Anna Pullinger (US), Nikole J. (Canada) who donates 25$ each month, John Bosnitch (Serbia), Zeljko D. (US), Sylvia (Serbia), Mirko R. (Peru) who donates 25$ each month, Faye D., Milica R. (Germany), Zoran K. (Australia), Dario C. (Italy), Natalie V. (Australia), Maryann S. (US) to name a few. I couldn’t have done it without you and your support… and donations! Thank you so much!

Well, I don’t know what lies ahead in between now and the next 1,000 posts. I have an idea of some things that will happen, and I just hope people will continue to support my fight to bring the truth about Serbia to the World.

P.S. I need your help now more than ever to keep publishing stories. If you enjoy reading my blog, please help me by making a donation. No amount is too small – it all helps!


Serbs Are More Than Generous

I put yesterday on my Facebook profile (and page) that:

HELP if you CAN! (if you can’t I understand).
Found the perfect website design and applications. Cost $69 (55 euros). Don’t have that. If someone can donate and help me get a better (really better) website, it would be great. You don’t donate to me to buy something. You donate to Serbia’s Ambassador to the world to get a better website.

And what! I received three “donations” from Milica T., Dejan S., and Nikola Simic, a 12 years old Serbian boy living in the United States (Florida).

Amazing! More than amazing. Serbs are more than generous. And Serbian kids too. Incredible!

So I bought a new website design today… Thanks to Milica, Dejan, and Nikola.

I love my job. I love Serbia. I love Serbian people. Going to work on Serbia’s Ambassador new website right now…