Serbian People And Serbs Around The World: An Example For All Of Humanity

Help For Serbia

Serbian people are fighting a hard battle against the disastrous floods in my country. The enormous amount of water has caused massive damage and took lives. In these difficult moments all citizens of Serbia and Serbs living abroad are making every effort to help the people from the damaged areas. Thousands of people here are organizing and doing their best to help the ones that have lost their homes.

In Serbia, thousands of volunteers were helping with evacuations, and now the are collecting and distributing blankets, rubber boots, drinking water, food and hygiene kits to people affected. But not only in Serbia, Serbs from all around the world, in China, Slovenia, France, Italy, U.k and everywhere in the world are collecting clothes and foods to help Serbian people who lost everything.

London – Saturday 24 May

London – Saturday 24 May

In the UK for example, the British Serb magazine produced by Serbs in the UK, put up an amazing directory for all the UK-wide efforts to provide relief to the worst floods since records began in Serbia: UK map of collection points for flood relief effort and you can see the results there. Thank you my friend over at the British Serb magazine. Amazing job.

Another example in the UK is Dragan Marjanovic who moved to England seven years ago. He is also doing his best to help Serbian flood victims. This 34-year-old Serb who is originally from Obrenovac – a suburb of the Serbian capital Belgrade – which has been badly affected by the flooding, runs a fish and chip bar in Arlesey, a small town situated in the county of Bedfordshire, UK. He said to a local newspaper why he is helping Serbian flood victims and urges people to do the same:

I want to raise some money for the people affected by the flooding. They have been left with nothing so I am going to send them anything I can. I would urge anyone else to contribute whatever they can afford to us. It doesn’t have to be money, it could be shoes or clothes, literally anything. The floods have left people with nothing and if you have nothing anything is useful.

Bravo Dragan.

At the end, I want to say that I am touched to see so many people showing their generosity and helping. A big thank you to everyone for your immense support and contribution. We are starting a process of rebuilding Serbia which will take months, in some aspects, years and the generosity and willingness to help of Serbian people and Serbs around the world is truly incredible. You set an example for all of humanity.

Helping Others Is Just How Serbs Are

Christopher Rudder and Karl Haudbourg

Yesterday I received an email from my friend Christopher Rudder, a Canadian musician living in Toronto who has visited several times Serbia and made some great videos of it. Here is his email:

Dear Karl Haudbourg,

Some of the amazing stories coming out of Serbia are incredible. The story of the man who lost his wife and child to the floods but is still out there helping others. Honestly, the more i visit there, the more friends I make and the more people I get to know. I’ve discovered that helping others is just how Serbs are. The story is amazing but that’s their nature, that’s the type of people they are!

That’s it! Not only this man who lost his wife and his 2-year-old son in the floods and continued for days to save lives in flooded Obrenovac, but all Serbs are helping others, that’s their nature.

So proud of my country, so proud of Serbian people who do not give up and who make Serbia great. Thank you Christopher.

Rule One - The Serbs are always wrong

Rule One: The Serbs are always wrong. Rule Two: The Muslims are always right.

Rule One - The Serbs are always wrong

James George Jatras, a government and media relations specialist in Washington who formerly served as a foreign policy adviser to the U.S. Senate Republican leadership and as a U.S. diplomat, wrote an interesting article over at the American Council for Kosovo. Here’s a short excerpt but it’s worth reading the whole article:

In applying “Rule Two” in the Balkans, the U.S. has been explicit in its subjective intention to help Muslim communities and movements because they are Muslim. For example, as stated by then-House Foreign Affairs Chairman, the late Tom Lantos (D-CA), at a 2007 hearing on Kosovo:

Here [Kosovo] is yet another example [i.e. “yet another” after Bosnia] that the United States leads the way for the creation of a predominantly Muslim country in the very heart of Europe. This should be noted by both responsible leaders of Islamic governments, such as Indonesia, and also for jihadists of all color and hue. The United States’ principles are universal, and in this instance, the United States stands foursquare for the creation of an overwhelmingly Muslim country in the very heart of Europe.

Anti-Serb Propaganda

Truth And Proof: CIA And White House Anti-Serb Propaganda And Lies

Anti-Serb Propaganda

Robert Baer, one of the highest ranking CIA officers on the ground in CIA history who worked in the former Yugoslavia from 1991-1994, literally with James Bond freedoms and responsibilities, speaks openly about his beliefs on propaganda against the Serbs in Yugoslavia, Srebrenica exaggerated fake story, and several million dollars he was given to break Yugoslavia and to show to to the world that Serbs were the bad guys. It’s a great interview with a real CIA officer by Milos Cupurdija. The truth and proof of the CIA and White House anti-Serb propaganda and lies:

When did you arrive in Yugoslavia and what was your first job?

I first arrived by helicopter with 3 other agents on 12 January 1991 in Sarajevo. Our job was to keep an eye on the supposed Serbian terrorists who were due to attack Sarajevo.

Who were supposed to be the terrorists and why would they be expected to attack Sarajevo?

They were given information about a group called “Serbian Supreme” and their plans to attack key buildings in Sarajevo with the desire that Bosnia would leave Yugoslavia.

Was there such a group, and what did you actually do in Sarajevo?

Such a group never existed and we had been tricked by our central command. We were tasked with warning people and spreading panic among the politicians in Bosnia. Basically we just filled their heads with the idea that the Serbs will attack. Initially we were taken with the story but eventually realised that we were spreading stories and fear about a group that did not exist.

How long did this operation last and what was it called?

For me it lasted for two weeks because then I received orders to go to Slovenia on another job. The operation continued for another month after and the code name was “Istina” (truth) which is exactly what it was not.

Why did you go to Slovenia?

There I was told that Slovenia was getting ready to declare it’s independence from Yugoslavia. I was given money, several million dollars with which we would finance non governmental organizations, opposition parties and politicians all of whom were prepared to spread and incite among the population.

Given these propaganda activities what sort of opinions did you have of the CIA and what did you’re colleagues think?

Of course you do not refuse a task given to you by the CIA especially at that time when everybody was jumpy and given to paranoia. Many agents and high ranking officers had disappeared because they had refused to work on propaganda against the Serbs in Yugoslavia. I personally was shocked at the amount of lies being perpetrated by the CIA and the US politicians. Many CIA agents worked in propaganda but were not entirely aware of what they were doing as they would be involved with just one facet of the project and only those who could piece together the whole picture knew the aims of the work and they were the politicians.

You mentioned the financing and control of the media, how did this take place?

It is already known that some CIA agents were responsible for writing the official statement that news anchors would read. Of course the news readers did not know anything as they received their instructions from their bosses who received instructions from his boss who was our (CIA) man. There was one overall task and that was to incite hatred and nationalism through television and for differences between the people to really stand out.

Srebrenica which we are all aware of. Can you say something about that situation?

Yes, from 1992 I was in Bosnia again, but this time we had to train military units representing Bosnia, the new State which only just declared it’s independence. Srebrenica is an exaggerated story, and unfortunately many people have been manipulated by it. The numbers of the people killed…these were all part of the political marketing. My boss who had previously been in the US Senate had several times told me that there would at some point be a big con in Bosnia. A month before the supposed genocide in Srebrenica he told me that this town would be known around the world and we were instructed to inform the media. When I asked him why he said I will see. We received an order that with the newly formed Bosnian army we should attack the houses and people of Srebrenica. Of course the Serbs followed suite as they would have been incited and paid to do so also.

Who could it be responsible for the genocide in Srebrenica?

Simply the deaths in Srebrenica were due to the Bosnians, the Serbs and the Americans, us! But the blame for everything is laid at the feet of the Serbs. Unfortunately many of the victims were buried as Muslims and yet they were Serbs or other nationalities. A few years ago a friend of mine, a former CIA agent and currently working in the IMF said that Srebrenica was a
product of an agreement between the U.S. government and politicians in Bosnia. Srebrenica as the city was sacrificed because after the alleged crimes of Serbs, the America had a reason to attack.

Why do you think that Yugoslavia broke up and why did your government want to have it’s role in this?

Everything is clear, people who had quietly instigated the war and loudly shouted about the peace are now the owners of the companies that exploit a variety of mineral resources and the like in that land! Simply, they made slaves of you, your people are working for free and the products are going to Germany and America, they earn! In the end you have to pay to import what you have made yourselves and since you have no money you must take out loans.

It’s the story with the whole of the Balkans! You have not been active in Kosovo as a CIA agent, but was there some pressure from the United States?

Of course! Kosovo was taken for two reasons, firstly because of mineral and natural resources, and secondly, the Kosovo military base NATO! In the heart of Europe is their largest military base.

Do you have any message for the people of the former Yugoslavia?

I have. Forget your recent past it was staged and faked. You have been manipulated and they got what they wanted and it would be stupid for you to still hate each other. You have to be stronger and to show that you are aware what has happened and who was responsible. I sincerely apologise and this is why I have for a long time now been exposing the secrets of the CIA and the White House.

Serb and Croat flags
Today's Anti-Serb Propaganda From Germany

Today’s Anti-Serb Propaganda From Germany

Today's Anti-Serb Propaganda From Germany

Elizabeth Pond, a Berlin-based journalist, wrote an article today over at World Policy blog titled “Serbia Enters Europe: The End of the Bloody Balkan Wars.” It’s not a bad article, but clearly a biased article full of lies and anti-Serb propaganda. She wrote:

…after Slobodan Milosevic’s armed forces drove more than half of the 90 percent Albanian population from their homes and
killed 10,000 of them.

Wrong. Slobodan Milosevic’s armed forces did not killed 10,000 Alblanian in Kosovo. Teams from 17 NATO countries found a total of only 2,108 bodies, Serbs and Albanians. Some had been killed by NATO bombing and some in the war between the UCK and the Serbian olice and military.

And by the spring of 1999 and at the time of the Rambouillet Talks there were only a few hundred Kosovo Albanians who had not returned home. What Elizabeth Pond does not say is that the return of the Kosovo Albanians to their homes paved the way for the cleansing of 250,000 Serbs from Kosovo after 10 June 1999 in full view of 30,000 NATO troops. What Elizabeth Pond does not say is that 6,000 Serbs were killed in Kosovo after the war between June 1999 and December 2000.

At the end of her article, Elizabeth Pond also went on to wrote that “In addition, Serbs in the north, instead of shooting at Kosovo police to keep out alien “occupiers…” Serbs shooting at Kosovo police? A rather biased view of Serbs in Kosovo is again presented. Albanians have driven out and attacked counless Serb families and Serbian kids in Kosovo in recent years. I wrote about that again, and again.

Well, I recommend you to read this great blog post titled WHEN AND WHY DID THE ETHNIC CLEANSING BEGIN? to know more about what really happened in Kosovo. There you can read that the United States was looking for an excuse to bomb Serbia and had already formed plans in August 1998. U.S. Senate Republican Policy Committee, August 12, 1998:

Planning for a U.S.-led NATO intervention in Kosovo is now largely in place…. The only missing element seems to be an event – with suitably vivid media coverage – that would make the intervention politically salable.

Media coverage and lies. That’s it. At the end, NATO bombed Serbia during 78 days and killed innocent Serbs:

Mont Blanc Serbian Flag
Serbs commemorated Battle of Kosovo & Albanians trying to kill Serbian kids

Serbs commemorated Battle of Kosovo & Albanians trying to kill Serbian kids

Serbs commemorated Battle of Kosovo & Albanians trying to kill Serbian kids

Serbia commemorated yesterday St. Vitus Day (Vidovdan) to honor the soldiers of the medieval Serbian kingdom who the 28 June 1389 in Kosovo lost their lives to defend Serbia from the invading Ottoman Turks. Some two thousand Serbs have gathered in a field outside Kosovo’s capital to commemorate the anniversary of the battle at the Gazimestan monument commemorating the historical Battle of Kosovo.

Like last year, Serbs came under attack by Kosovo Albanians. Kosovo Albanians attacked Serb school buses. Yes, school buses. Kosovo Albanians were stoning Serb school buses. Five buses have been damaged. Groups of Kosovo Albanians waited for Serb buses in ambush, some even followed the buses in their cars to kill Serbian kids. It’s outrageous. And what did the “Kosovo police”? Nothing. Apparently, it’s not a crime in the fake state of Kosovo to try to kill Kosovo Serb kids. Scandalous.

Well, all that said, watch the video of Serbian people commemorating St. Vitus Day (Vidovdan) in Kosovo and Metohija at the Gazimestan monument yesterday:

Don't Trust People Saying That Serbia And Serbs Are Dangerous

Don’t Trust People Saying That Serbia And Serbs Are Dangerous

Don't Trust People Saying That Serbia And Serbs Are Dangerous

J. D. Riso, an American writer and former resident of Arizona, currently resides in Poznan, Poland, with her husband. When she told her Hungarian acquaintances that she was planning a short trip to Serbia, they told her that it was dangerous and that they’d steal from her. And her American friends said, “Wow, cool!” “with the instinctive cheerleader enthusiasm that means they’d never heard of Serbia.” Riso wrote. Well, this American woman was not afraid to come to visit Serbia alone (without her husband) and liked Belgrade “Belgrade is fabulous. Such vibrant energy.” she wrote in the comment section of her blog post. She even discovered that Serbian people don’t dislike American people:

When I walk in the door, the owner (of the hostel) offers to make me a cup of Turkish coffee. He asks about my day. I tell him that it was great, but he wants details. His expression is one of concern. He wants me to love Belgrade. I tell him what I saw, including the bombed out Ministry of Defense buildings, the result of an American-led NATO strike. “What do you think about Americans?” I ask. “You can be honest.” “The Americans that I’ve met are kind. It’s not right to judge an entire country for the actions of their government.” He looks at me for a long moment. “We are not like the Western media says we are.” I nod and look him in the eye. “I no longer just take the word of anyone about anything. Especially not the media’s.”

Well, don’t just read this short excerpt from J. D. Riso’s blog post titled An American Tourist in Serbia, read the whole thing. And, please, don’t trust people saying that Serbia is a dangerous country. It’s not true at all. Serbia is one of the safest countries in the world. The only risk: If you’re a man visiting Serbia, it’s to fall in love with a beautiful Serbian woman, and you will not want to leave Serbia. The same risk exists for a woman visiting Serbia. Serbian men are also tall and hot! All that said, again, don’t trust people saying that Serbia and Serbs are dangerous. Come to Serbia and meet the friendliest people in the world.


Albanian hackers tried again today to put an Alban…

Albanian hackers tried again today to put an Albanian flag on my website, so my website was down for a long time. It’s fine now. Sorry for the inconvenience. That said, try again my Albanian friends! You can try again, and again to hack Serbia’s Ambassador to the World’s website, but you will not succeed. You can’t stop the truth about Serbia and Serbs to the World to be known!