How Do You Say My Favorite Country Is Serbia In Turkish?

Percin Imrek, born in Istanbul, Turkey, spent several months in USA, Germany, and is currently living in Belgium. He was recently in Serbia, and put up a fantastic blog post talking about one of the biggest fun times of his life… in Serbia. Here’s one snippet:


To be honest, Serbia, because of the past and their politicians are not the most favoured country in the world. Yet, when you meet Serbians or go to Serbia, you change your opinion totally into a positive perspective. Serbian people are warm, friendly, hospitable and generous. It is very normal for them to pick you up in the airport and give you a bed at their houses (even their own , their mothers feed you till you explode, and them buying you rakija when you go out. They wouldn’t allow you to pay outside when you are their guest, and would treat you like a king/queen. Serbian people are one of the most hospitable and warm people I have ever met (I must also say that Turkish and Greek people are very hospitable, amongst many other nations).

Again, don’t just read this snippet, read the whole thing. It goes on to talk about Serbian music, Belgrade’s nightlife, sports, and more.

What Do Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Italy, Greece, Turkey Have In Common?

What do Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Greece, Turkey Have In Common? Well, the answer comes from Isaac Hand, a traveler from Cincinnati, United States, who recently visited Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Greece, and Turkey. He wrote a blog post titled ‘We are under the same sky’ and pointed out that pigeons were the same everywhere. Check out his pictures from Alexandroupoli, Istanbul, Thessaloniki, Belgrade, Dubrovnik, Sarajevo, Zagreb, Venice.

Serbia Deserved To Be In The Finals (2010 FIBA World Championships)

Bill kralovec, an American living and working in Belgrade, wrote about the recent World Basketball Championships in Turkey: Serbia had a great tourney despite the heartbreaking loss to the hosts. If Miloš Teodosic could ever play some defense, they might have won that game. I think the US would have been too much for them in the finals, but they deserved to be there. Of course, I agree with him. Serbia deserved to be in the finals. Serbia played better than Turkey, and thanks to a fan photo taken from the stands, you can all see that a terrible error was made. Serbia was just robbed of final spot by referee.