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Ethno village of Mokra Gora - Mecavnik

A Serbian Ethno Village: Mokra Gora – Mećavnik

Goran Tosic, a Serb living in the United States, posted yesterday a video showing the ethno village of Mokra Gora – Mećavnik, also known as Drvengrad and Küstendorf, on Youtube. The traditional village is located on the northern slopes of Serbian mountain Zlatibor, two hundred kilometers southwest of Serbia’s capital, Belgrade. It’s a great video that shows the beauty of Serbia, history and culture:

P.S. Serbian villages are so authentic that we can almost say that all Serbian villages are “ethno village”.

Baby Friendly Holidays In Serbia

Tamara Vlaisavljevic who has been doing a great blog about pregnancy, babies and motherhood, for over six months now, spent her first family holiday in Serbia with Ena, a 10-month-old baby.

Earlier this year Tamara Vlaisavljevic and her husband started planning a trip for this summer’s vacation. The thought was to go to Greece, or Croatia, or Bulgaria, or maybe Montenegro. And in the end, they chose to go to Zlatibor, a mountain region situated in the western part of Serbia, about 230 km away from Belgrade. The story is so good that I ended up including a long excerpt, because it’s too good not to read — but check out Tamara’s site Miracle of pregnancy directly.

Hello, mountains – Baby’s coming!
Finally, we decided that we should focus on mountains in Serbia which are very beautiful and picturesque! My friend, who has a baby boy 10 days older than Ena, suggested mountain Zlatibor with an altitude over 1000m. Easily we agreed, since the place is more than the words can describe!

The adventure was the fact we decided to stay together: the two families each having spouses and a baby. We had two separate bedrooms, shared a dining-room, a bathroom, a kitchen and a veranda. Due to this, the price was more than acceptable and the stay was livelier and less predictable than we could ever dream of. However, two small babies under the same roof with different sleeping rhythms, were the real challenge!

The long and winding road
The first challenge was Ena having troubles with the mountain roads-our friends had a GPS device installed in the car and while following it, we took the long and winding road which caused our baby girl to vomit! Fortunately, soon enough we got back on track, however, due both to this, and small car troubles our friends had encountered, the trip itself took 7 hours instead of 5 and a half, as we had hoped and anticipated.

The breathtaking sight!
Nevertheless, as soon as we got there, we forgot the hardship behind us: the mountain was very colorful and breathtaking. You could see the pine trees and a lot of green all around. The air, even during summer temperatures, was refreshing and cooling: during day-time you could even go swimming, however, as the night would fall, the jumper was very welcome!

Every day we would take walks and trips to the near-by lakes and rivers- one of them was especially beautiful-it was, actually a stream in the woods around which an ethno settlement was built. There, you could eat food prepared the old ways, using the soil-made pots, cooked in the hot ashes. The verandas were made of wood, and so were the small surrounding restaurants and cafes. The water wasn’t too deep, so even the children could dip in, and if you felt like just lying in the sun, you could very well do so, on the soft beds placed under the wooden parasols, near the water.

Zlatibor By Tim Moynihan (US): Beautiful Serbia & World’s Best Sandwich

Tim Moynihan, the American lower School Principal of the International School of Belgrade, took advantage of the Labor Day weekend here in Serbia to travel with his wife Janna and some friends to Zlatibor in Southern Serbia. “This is the second time we have traveled to this area, and each time we were blown away by its beauty” he said in his post. They also enjoyed Serbian food, and his wife, Janna, had here the world’s best grilled cheese sandwich:

Janna was the most adventurous for eating lepinja which is a piece of thick pocket bread, which was sliced and stuffed with Kajmak (a dairy product that is a cross between cream cheese and butter), the grease from a roasted lamb, and cheese all of which is then fried on a grill. Janna described it as the world’s best grilled cheese sandwich.

Beautiful landscapes and the best sandwiches in the world, welcome to Serbia.

Beautiful Serbia By Petrovic (Canada): Zlatibor

Isidora Petrovic (Canada) was in Zlatibor for a few days. She says that there’s no need to write a lot about this mountain area, because you can see how beautiful and peaceful it is from her pictures. I totally agree, her pictures describe so well the wonder, and beauty, and atmosphere of Zlatibor, a lovely place to spend a vacation. Well worth reading/watching Petrovic’s blog post about Zlatibor.